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Tom Hingley | Lead Singer

Ex-lead singer and songwriter of Inspiral Carpets. Originally from Abingdon in Oxford, he moved to Manchester in 1984 and formed the band ‘Too Much Texas’ and worked collecting glasses at The Hacienda. Joined Inspiral Carpets in 1989 and gave Noel Gallagher his first job (no Inspirals, no Oasis – simple as that!). Left in 1995 after 20 top 40 hits to start solo career. Formed The Lovers in 2001.

Steve Hanley | Bass

Jason Brown | Guitar

Kelly Wood | Farfisa keyboards and synths

Paul Hanley | Drums

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Tom Hingley and The Lovers Fan Page

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The Lovers is the brainchild of Tom Hingley – former lead singer of The Inspiral Carpets, a band that along with The Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses defined everything that was good about the UK music-scene at the beginning of the 1990’s.

Despite, or because of, over 20 top 40 hits, seven Top of the Pops appearances, a rock solid fan base and successful tours all over the world The Inspirals ran out of steam in 1995 and Hingley drifted into solo projects on the fringes of the pop mainstream.

However, a chance encounter in 2001 with Steve Hanley – former bassist and longest serving musician with legendary Manchester band,The Fall (that broke up in1998 after a much publicised stage fight in New York), led Hingley and Hanley to join forces in The Lovers. Despite kids, mortgages and the onset of 40, both still shared an intense passion and desire to make, perform and record great music.

At a time in their lives when they could have chosen to dine out on past glories and look forward to torturing the grandkids with stories about the good old days of the early 90’s, they set out once again on the road to rock immortality. Short on six packs but long on experience they gathered together a band of fellow travellers, that now includes Steve’s kid brother and former Fall drummer Paul Hanley; keyboardist and synth player Kelly Wood and ex This Gigantic World guitar maestro Jason Brown.

This time around, a lot older and a little wiser,Tom, Steve and the rest of The Lovers decided to go it alone – spurning the big music company ‘sell your soul for an advance’ recording deal approach in favour of establishing their own record company New Memorabilia and settling down for the long haul – constant gigging and rehearsing, perfecting the sound and the songs in the studio (Tom’s house) and on the road, and, hopefully selling a few records.

It may seem like the hard road to take with a band boasting their pedigree, but at a time when the major labels are going into freefall, and easy-listening and jazz-lite artists are topping the album charts – something is a-foot and change is in the air – so, for better or worse,The Lovers have decided to do their own thing.

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